5 must see places in Lagos

Lagos Portugal is a magnificent place with a lot of treasures waiting to be discovered. Here are five we recommend you don’t miss!


1. Praia do Pinhao 

When you come to Lagos, its no doubt chilling on white sandy beaches is at the top of your list. The main town beach, Praia da Batata is nice, however another 200 meters around the coast and you find a paradise spot. Praia do Pinhão is an untouched beach, surrounded by red cliffs, with clear waters and white sands. Its a little harder to find as you need to follow a small street off the main Avenida, hence its far less known and less crowded than the other beautiful beaches, Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilo.
When you arrive to Praia do Pinhao, you are greeted with a magnificent view from above down to the beach. And when you want to move on, Praia Dona Ana is just over the hill. 

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2. Ponta da Piedade

As Lagos´ number 1 rated tourist attraction, this is obviously something you can’t miss… and you can get there by various means of transport – foot, car, boat, kayak, so you won’t have to! Ponta da Piedade is a magical place with caves, rock formations and glowing waters. Its really a breath taking site. You can reach it by foot behind the Lagos Lighthouse. But we recommend taking a kayak tour or boat trip, as the tour guide will point out the interesting rock formations and you can venture into caves and really experience it!

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3. The Fish and Farmers Markets

Although Lagos still maintains its quaint, traditional charm, as a tourist destination can be hard to find the real Portuguese essence. When you go to the Lagos Fish Market, or weekly Farmers market, you get in touch with the real locals and the typical rural lifestyle. The markets are colourful and atmospheric, with friendly Portuguese farmers offering their goods and enjoying the social aspect of it all.
Due to COVID, the Farmers markets are currently held at outdoor locations rather than in the market hall.

Viv’o Mercado, the Wednesday evening market (from 5pm) is held here
The weekly, Saturday morning (7:30am–12:30) Farmers market is held by the Lagos sport centre and pools


4. Igreja de Santo António

We know that when you come to Lagos, its probably more for a sun baking holiday than a cultural one. However this church, Igreja de Santo António is really quite impressive! Take some time to pop inside and take a look. Its at the end of the main pedestrian street, attached to the Museu municipal and you will likely pass it many times unknowingly on your way to the town beach. So its quite a surprise when you discover what an ornate golden chamber lies inside.

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5. The Westcoast

Heading west from Lagos, the coastline becomes even more natural and untouched. The landscape is beautiful and its really worth taking a day to adventure and see it. There are a lot of great ways to discover it, including with Natura Tours, who will tell you about the nature and history of the area. Or, if you fancy surfing, the surf schools will take you to west coast beaches. To do it more in party style, take a day trip with Vagabundo travel, or if you really want to be in the nature, go by mountain bike!

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