Breakfast at Cafe Odeon


Ok, so the weather in Lagos hasn´t been perfect lately, but things are looking up, and in the meantime, go on and make the most of it! Its a perfect excuse to sleep in late, then roll out of bed for a late, warm and comforting, hearty breakfast from Café Odeon. Eggs anyway you like them, crispy fried hashbrowns, flavorsome bacon and toast. Or if you want to beef it up, add some beans, mushrooms or fried tomatoes.

Couple that with a fresh bloody Mary, and all of a sudden you´ll be loving the colder weather!

Today´s prize from the amazing Goodtimes Competition prize pack, is an Odeon breakfast with your choice of Mimosa or Bloody Mary. You´ll be needing this after enjoying some of the other prizes, including a Mega bomb at The Jam and an intoxicating game of Battle-shots at Three Monkeys.

Café Odeon has been satisfying our stomaches and nourishing our hangovers for years. Their great, ridiculously cheap breakfasts, including the massive pancakes doused in maple syrup, always help us get back on track, ready for another day/night in Lagos. Of course, on Mondays and Tuesdays when they are closed, we all suffer a little more!

As well as their famous breakfasts, Café Odeon serve great value burgers, wraps, sandwiches, soups, milkshakes, brownies and on Friday´s, their special schnitzel and potato salad. Located so close to the beach, if the sun is out, its a great place to pick up a take away.

Thanks Café Odeon for being there and putting up with our less attractive selves the day after!

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