Igreja de Santo António

Church of St. Anthony

2€ Entry
Lagos Centre

This amazing church, attached to Lagos’ main Museum, is certainly one of Lagos’ highlights. Its extravagant Baroque decoration is considered to be the most beautiful in Portugal. Ornate, golden painted wood carvings fill the walls, along with beautiful azulejo tiles (blue and white).

The church also features 6 paintings which represent the miracles of Saint Anthony (Santo António). At the altar, upon the throne, is on the patron Saint Anthony with the Child Jesus in the arm, flanked by two angels who hold torches.

The church was built in 1707 and then rebuilt in 1769 after the devastating 1755 earthquake. The lavishness of the church is likely due to the fact it was used as a place of worship for military personnel before taking off on their long voyages, and so was given money upon their return as thanks.The Church has two bell towers of differing heights, which a a beautiful and distinctive landmark of Lagos.


2€ Entry as part of the museum visit


Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30am–12.30pm & 2–5pm


Rua General Alberto da Silveira.

Look for the two bell towers of different heights. They are at the end of the main pedestrian street (Rua Silva Lopes). Enter through the Museum.


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Igreja de Santo António

Rua General Alberto da Silveira, 8600-594 Lagos Portugal

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