Battleshots, the biggest, most unmemorable night of your life…

As Goodtimes Lagos is giving one person the chance to live the ultimate experience in Lagos, it of course wouldn´t be complete without a massive night in Three Monkeys Bar. An unforgettable night which will ironically be unconsciously wiped from the memory forever… However you´ll know it was one of the most fun and crazy nights in your life!

At 11 years old, Three Monkeys bar is a firm staple in Lagos. It features in everyone´s schedule for a big night out. Whether you want to start drinking early over a game of pool or darts, or come in late and play catch with beer bongs and shots, the friendly staff – with a twinkle of evil in their eyes – are sure to show you a seriously good time!

Its time to let your hair down and make the most of being on holiday… Whatever you end up doing, I´m sure the staff have seen it many times before. As well as darts, pool and wii, the game more unique to Three Monkeys is Battle Shots. Little more needs to be said than that it involves many shots and is bound to make you 90% less coordinated!

As part of the Goodtimes Ultimate Experience prize, the winner will receive a game of battle shots (best played with a few friends!). Luckily the prize also includes a fried breakfast from Cafe Odeon (among many other things) which will aid in the hangover recovery! For your chance to win the huge ultimate experience package, just Like Gooditmes Lagos on facebook!

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