10 things every visitor to Lagos should know

A few words from a Lagos local, offering some words of daily knowledge…

1. The seagulls are huge, and so is what they splatter from above. Entertaining, unless it happens to you.

2. A small beer is called an Imperial. They are cheap and delicious. You will never have “Just one”.

3. If you get served strange yellow beans with your beer (Tremoços), don´t eat the skins. Ask the bar man how its done.

4. The kind offering the waiter brings before your meal (bread, cheese, carrots) isn’t actually a nice gift… If you eat it you pay for it, if you don’t, you don’t.

5. Three Monkeys bar is an institution. You haven’t really experienced Lagos until you´ve been there.

6. If you´re out to get lucky, your chances in Lagos are at least 10x what they usually are.

7. Fishbowls are dangerous. But have one for a laugh.

8. If you go for a late night skinny dip, its fairly certain you´ll be going home naked – not out of choice.

9. The best hangover cure after you´re night out galavanting is at Cafe Odeon – a full english breakfast complete with some greasy golden hash browns and fluffy pancakes.

10. Discovering Ponta da Piedade, the surrounding grottos and pristine beaches, will stay with you forever. Jump in a kayak, take a boat trip, or just go for a stroll and see why!


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