Why now is the time to head to Lagos Portugal

Who else wants to sun bake in March!?

Most of Europe has seeped into winter; the grey cloud cover and winter jackets have become all too familiar, and we´ve unwillingly accepted that we won´t be sporting a t-shirt and shorts for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, in Lagos Portugal, the sun is shining, temperatures are nearing 25 degrees, short sleeves are everywhere, and its only early March! Yes, people sit outdoors drinking coffee in the sunshine, oblivious to the fact this should´t be taken for granted.
Likewise, still in late October, Lagos Portugal was enjoying splendid summer weather with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees every day! The prices drop to low season rates in mid September, meaning these are the perfect months to get great deals on accommodation and activities. A double hotel room will cost you as little as 25€ (try Hotel Mar Azul or Via D. Ana), and hostel dorm beds around 12€. If you are not a big party person, then the hostels are much more comfortable for you at this time of year than in the summer when they are quite lively, with people coming home at all times of the night/morning.

The beaches are less crowded and for activities such as surf lessons, its perfect as you can not only get more attention from the instructor, but there is less competition for the waves. Plus, there are some great low season deals to be had. For other activities such as kayaking through the grottos, its also a little nicer when there aren’t quite so many kayaks and boats coming in and out of the caves. And for the action sports like Mountain biking, a few less degrees only makes the experience more enjoyable.

For all of these activities, its less likely they will book out at this time of year, so you can be more spontaneously with your planning, which is another plus.

As for the nightlife, the staff have more time for a chat and everything is more relaxed. You won’t have to wait for a table or for your food, and you can enjoy a few casual drinks and a chat on your bar stool. So if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, as opposed to the raging nightlife of packed bars which Lagos is famous for in mid summer, now is a better time for you.

All in all, the beaches are less crowded, prices are cheaper, everything is more relaxed and the weather is great. So if you fancy escaping winter and extending you summer without having to fly to the other side of the globe, Lagos is the ideal place to do it.


Goodtimes Lagos recommends visiting Lagos from March–June and Sept–Nov to enjoy cheaper rates, more choice and a relaxed atmosphere.

For those looking to visit Lagos to experience its famous nightlife and have the time of your life living a week of action and party in a pumping atmposhere of young people, then July and August is the time for you.

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