Goodtimes Lagos App, check it out!

In March 2014 the Goodtimes Lagos App was released and made available for free dowload in the app store. It is titled “Algarve Goodtimes” as it covers not only Lagos, but the gorgeous Westcoast too.

The app has offline content, meaning you don’t need to find a wifi connection while you are on holiday to access the information. Once its downloaded, all the content is stored in your phone, so even while you´re relaxing on the beach you can browse categories and decide where to go to dinner, or what to do tomorrow!

More importantly, it will show you how to get there! Using your phone´s GPS, the phone locates where you are, and shows you on the map how to get to your desired location. Or in reverse, if you get lost, find your way home! The app lets you save favourites, so you can quickly access a list of where you are staying and your favourite tips, and find you´re way there when in need.

We know you all love the traditional paper map to locate yourselves, so we will never do away with the Goodtimes Lagos free map. However, in Lagos´ small streets, often without visible street names, we also know it can be easy to get lost when you´re new in town. With the app, you can always see where you are currently located by clicking  the Around me button. So no worries about getting lost again!

Well, we don’t want to give everything away, so download the Algarve Goodtimes app for free in the app store and all of the best places in lagos, and the west coast, will magically be in your pocket. Voila!


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