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at Funny Tees T-shirt shop

Looking for a great gift to bring home? Or just something to wear out tonight?! The T-shirt Shop has a great selection of handmade, cool designs. Not only nice illustrations, but extra novelty value with music activated t-shirts, glow in the dark t-shirts, and kids t-shirts.

They stock a large range of colours and sizes, and have great prices. From baby size ( 1 yr old) to XXXL. So whoever you are looking for, you are sure to find a unique and funny t-shirt to suit them!

In summer they are also open late, so drop in and take a look.



Kids Tshirts: 18€
Adult Tshirts 20€
Offer: Any 3 tees for 50€


  • Glow in the dark Tshirts
  • music activated light tshirts
  •  unique illustrations


Open 7 days, around 11am til late.


Phone +351 966 833 770, or find them at
Rua Lançarote de Freitas 46


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Funny Tees
Rua Lançarote de Freitas 46
8600-605 Lagos Portugal

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