Surfing in Lagos, Portugal – Useful Tips

Lagos, Portugal is a great place to surf with its beautiful beaches and consistent waves.
Here are some tips for surfing in Lagos:

Know the best time to surf:

The best time to surf in Lagos is from September to May, when the waves are at their best, however, with a large selection of beaches to choose from on the south and west coasts, you can find good waves all year round. During the summer months, the beaches can be pretty crowded.

Choose the right beach:

Lagos has several beaches that are great for surfing, including Porto de Mos, Meia Praia, Praia da Luz and further west Zavial, Tonel, Beliche, Praia do Amado and Arrifana. Check the surf reports for current conditions, or pop into Jah Shaka Surf Shop and they will give you some tips, according to your skill level. Its also worth checking out their comprehensive Algarve surf map/guide here.

Rent or buy the right equipment:

If you need to rent equipment, Jah Shaka Surf Shop is the place to go. They have surf and SUP board rental as well as wetsuits and super helpful staff to advise you. Likewise if you want to buy a board, suit, booties, wax, a leash, sunscreen or any surf related items, you can find them all at Jah Shaka Shop or at Quiksilver Lagos. They will help you select the correct equipment for your level.

Take Surf lessons:

If you’re new to surfing or want to improve your skills, taking lessons with a local surf school is will help you progress so much faster than battling it out on your own. The Surf Experience have been in operation for 31 years (!), since 1992 and offer day trips or packages, including transport, equipment, instruction, a tasty lunch and good vibes.

Check the weather and tides:

Before you head out to surf, check the weather and tides on or magic seaweed.

As always, respect other surfers and the environment:

Follow surfing etiquette and be mindful of the environment. Avoid littering or damaging the beaches and keep the Algarve beautiful!

The Surf Experience at Praia Arrifana

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