Selmo Ribeiro

Owner Nah Nah Bah

“As the owner of a restaurant, hostel, and boozecruise in Lagos, my involvement in the Goodtimes guides has drastically improved and expanded my businesses.

Before the Goodtimes guide, my restaurant relied solely on passing foot traffic. I had advertised in other “free maps” with no return on my investment, so I was skeptical about trying another. But I found Alexis to be very professional & creative with a passion for her work, and she had a specific business plan. The guide also offered an attractive design and expansive distribution throughout the city, so I decided to give it a go.

Within weeks, I had customers from all over the city frequenting my establishment. Whether they came in with the Goodtimes guide in hand or not, I immediately saw a surge in sales due to the guide. Shortly after I contacted Alexis to thank her and reserve my advertisement for the following years.

As I’m the owner of a hostel, I could gain a further insight into how people use the guides. People value and trust the recommendations and I often see them planning their whole stay based on the guide.

The guides are also very helpful for our receptionists. We give one to every guest at check-in, using it to show them where we are and what’s around – and to offer recommendations when people ask. The maps are clear and handy and I know that all the other hostels/hotels around town are using the goodtimes guides as we do.

I would highly recommend the Goodtimes guide to any business looking to attract new customers.

The guide is well distributed and in 2012, it was made available online, extending the audience even further. I also have the Goodtimes Lagos Facebook page linked to my page for extra exposure.

The Goodtimes guide gives me more time to focus on my business, and less time to worry about getting customers.”

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