José Tasso

Owner of 3 restaurants

“When Alexis came to tell me about the guide, I admired her optimism and passion for the idea, but I had my doubts as I had seen similar projects fail. However, she seemed dedicated, so I decided to support her and see how it went.

Obviously it really worked! I have advertised two businesses in it for seven years, and this year have entered my third, new business. The guide is very appealing to the young-middle aged, educated, independent traveller. It reaches my target group, is very well distributed and available in the right places.

Alexis is very creative and has a professional approach. She would only include places that she would recommend herself, and they are the businesses I would also recommend, and who I´m happy to have my business associated with.

On top of that, this years graphic design of the map is a little “work of art”!! Alexis is genuinely interested in doing the best for the businesses involved and is constantly working on improving the service she offers.

I´m glad I seized the opportunity to get involved back at the start and didn´t miss out on what has turned out to be a valuable investment.”

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