Covid Test in Lagos Portugal – where and how…


Most visitors to Lagos in 2021 will need a Covid test to enter and exit Portugal. Whether you need a Antigen or a PCR test depends on your home country.

The requirements on entering Portugal from each country, can be found here.

Which test you need to take when leaving Portugal, depends on your home country. Often the airline will send you this information before the flight.

A PCR test sends ginetic data to a lab for analysis, so results take 24-48hs. (So book one for 2 days before your flight).

For an Antigen test you usually recieve the results 30 mins – 12 hours later. It is recommended to do the test 24 hrs before the flight (or at least 12) incase the results are inconclusive. The test can’t be older than 48 hrs when you check in.

Here are places in Lagos you can get a test:


  • Hospital São Gonçalo
    Av. Dom Sebastião 129, Lagos
    You need to book an appointment: +351 282 420 400.
    They speak english and can also book for other Algarve hospitals (Alvor, Portimão etc).
    Antigen cost: 25€
    PCR cost: 100€

You will also notice some Covid-testing Tents around Lagos. For example at the Marina and near the cemetery.
These are convenient as they do not require a booking, but they are also more expensive. An Antigen test will cost you 45€ instead of 25€.
They are run by





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