Farmers Market

Local produce market

Saturday AM

The Lagos farmers market is an enjoyable, memorable, down to earth shopping experience. Every Saturday the local Farmers come out to town with their fabulous goods. From live chickens, to olives, to fruits, to hot chilli chains, to eggs, to homemade sweets and jams, to flowers freshly picked by old women in the fields. You can find everything here and its all fresh, local, cheap and served to you with a smile of a sweet Portuguese farmer.

If you are not coming for the food, come for the charm. The old Portuguese men with their caps and vests and old women in the aprons take you back to a time when life was less complicated.

On Wednesday evenings from 5pm, there is another farmers market, Viv’o Mercado.  Viv’o Mercado focuses on organic food and goods, and you can find fresh veg as well as local craft beer and natural cosmetics.


Free entry


Every Saturday, 7:30 am til around 1 pm.
On Wednesdays there is a similar evening market: Viv’o Mercado from 5pm


No contact information but you can check updates on the Lagos council page:


Sorry, there are no visitor reviews of this place, but trust us, its lovely!

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Lagos Farmers Market
Mercado de Levante de Lagos
Av. dos Descobrimentos
Beside the bus station

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